Month: September 2022

High-level S&T meeting between China and Japan on zero CO2 emissions The “2021-22 China-Japan High-Level Researchers Exchange Meeting (Decarbonization and Growth),” jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Tsinghua University, took place on September 21 in Beijing. Nearly 30 researchers and business representatives from China and Japan participated in the activity, which focused on […]

NEDO defines 5 “moonshot” projects to accelerate natural CO2 adsorption

NEDO has adopted five projects to identify new technologies to achieve the Moonshot Goal 4 “Achieve sustainable resource recycling for global environmental regeneration by 2050”. The five adopted projects will determine the potential of technology to efficiently capture and absorb CO2 by artificially accelerating the natural carbon dioxide absorption capacity (artificial acceleration of natural processes). […]

Pathogenic microorganisms in sewage: several “wastewater surveillance” programs in Japan “Wastewater Surveillance” is an epidemiological survey method that measures nucleic acids of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, in sewage to determine the occurrence and prevalence of various diseases. Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Regional Institutes of Health have conducting polio environmental water surveillance since  2013 to monitor the spread of poliovirus, and […]

Sekisui converts waste to ethanol Sekisui Chemical plans to commercialize a technology that uses microorganisms to convert combustible garbage into ethanol by 2025. In April 2022, a 1/10th demonstration plant in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, began operating, marking the start of the final stage of verification testing toward practical application. About 800 l ethanol are produced from 20 t of […]

Ecologie Co. commercializes chocolate with cricket powder Ecologgie produces food ingredients using edible crickets and have started to commercialize a chocolate containing cricket powder. The company will begin offering the product via crowdfunding and aims to sell it at retail stores in the future. The company has contracted with Cambodian farmers to buy locally produced crickets and process them into powder and […]

NEDO starts evaluation of “household type” CO2 absorbers In collaboration with the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NEDO has jointly engaged in a “moonshot-type R&D project for directly capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere on the scale of several kilograms per day. It is planned to design a pilot-scale direct air capture (DAC) test apparatus and evaluate […]

CureApp launches hypertension treatment app as 6-month instructional program On September 1, 2022, CureApp launched the “CureApp HT Hypertension Treatment Assistance App”, an application to assist in the treatment of hypertension. The six-month program is priced at 2,910 yen for the first month for patients who pay 30% of the total cost, and 2,490 yen per month for the following five months. In […]

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