Month: November 2012

Keio University team develops diamond electrode for measuring glutathione in vivo, a cancer biomarker

The in vitro and in vivo electrochemical detection of the reduced form of glutathione (L-γ-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-glycine, GSH) using boron doped diamond (BDD) microelectrode for potential application in the assessment of cancerous tumors shows differences of GSH level between cancerous and normal tissues. Yasuaki EINAGA et al., doi:10.1038/srep00901

Kaneka introduces simple DNA multiplex detection system based on amplification, chromatography and visual detection

The system is sold as a kit which includes DNA extraction, DNA amplification by Kaneka’s D-QUICK system and a flow-type test strip which separates two amplicons or more. The system has been successfully used by Fasmac Co., a food company, for the detection of transgenic maize. Further applications in genotyping, genetic screening etc. are scheduled. […]

Shimadzu, Sekisui, NTT, ATR and others cooperate on “brain machine interface” (BMI)

As a good status on gel-free EEG and other sensing elements such as signal analysis after near-IR irradiation through the scalp has been reached already, the technical targets now are miniuaturization, signal-to-noise improvement and cloud computing. Applications are in aged and disabled people support such as electric wheelchairs and in instrument control. NTT press release, […]

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