Month: January 2018

Cultivecs Co. builds manufacturing facility for antibody drugs

Cultivecs is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and Nippon Kayaku formed for contract manufacturing of antibody drugs and other biopharmaceuticals. The company has built a manufacturing facility for antibody drugs at the Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals factory in Niigata which will be delivered in February, 2018, for cultivating CHO cells. According to information by […]

AIST explores prediction of yield of catalytic reactions by AI

In this NEDO project, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (NAIST) has developed a method to predict the yield of catalytic reactions by computer simulation based on catalyst structure and actual yields. In a halogen-free epoxidation reaction, 14 types of phosphonic acid molecules were characterised by atomic charge, infrared absorption and 30 […]

Team of Nagoya University develops curved and decorated nanographene”, medical applications”

In the framework of the ERATO Itami Molecular Nanocarbon Project, researchers at Nagoya University around Kenichiro ITAMI have established a method for the chemical modification of curved nanographene”, which led to a range of water-soluble graphene derivatives. It was shown that appropriately decorated water-soluble curved nanographenes are incorporated into cells and can induce cell death […]

JSR acquires exclusive rights from Keio University on intestinal bacteria R&D

Through research at JSR · Keio University Medical Chemistry Innovation Center (JKiC), JSR will promote the development of technologies and diagnostic agents related to maintaining homeostasis of intestinal flora. One example is to fight Klebsiella bacteria which may colonize the oral cavity and the digestive tract if homeostasis is disturbed, leading to inflammatory bowel disease. […]

Nikon ties up with the Cell Technology Group on master cell bank from pulp cells

The Cell Technology Group cooperates with approximately 2,200 dental clinics in Japan and operates the first domestic dental pulp cell storage project. The company works on practical application of regenerative medicine using stockpiled dental pulp cells. Nikon concluded a business alliance agreement for constructing a clinical master cell bank (MCB) for use of dental pulp […]

Varinos Co.: analysis of intra-uterine microbiome prior to in-vitro fertilization

The Tokyo-based company was established in 2017 and is developing clinical tests in the field of reproductive medicine and gynecology. Currently, they are focused on the analysis of the microflora in the uterus which should be controlled during in-vitro fertilization. The technology is based on next-generation sequencing. Varinos news release, January 29, 2018

Otsuka acquires all shares of DIATRANZ, develops encapsulated porcine islets

On January 25, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory acquired all remaining shares (50%) owned by New Zealand Living Cell Technologies (LCT), a company holding, in favor of its joint venture company DIATRANZ OTSUKA, which is engaged in the development of encapsulated porcine pancreatic islet cells DIABECELL”. DIABECELL are islets isolated from specific pathogen free (DPF) newborn pigs […]

Kyoto’s CiRA must weather scientific fraud

In a paper that creates a blood-brain barrier model using cells derived from artificial pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), with the responsible author Assistant Professor YAMAMIZU Kohei of CiRA, all six figures and five of the supplementary figures were admitted to have been forged or tampered with. Director Shinya Yamanaka is not a co-author of […]

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