Month: December 2016

RIKEN team prepares moving images of bacteriorhodopsin in action using XFEL technology

Three-dimensional protein structures change when proteins works, but observation with conventional X-ray crystal structure analysis is difficult due to radiation damage during measurement. RIKEN’s XFEL (x-ray free electron laser) is not only bright but also has a short emission time of less than 10 femtoseconds. Bacteriorhodopsin microcrystals were continuously ejected with high accuracy in space […]

Canon completes acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems for 40 billion USD

TOSHIBA Medical Systems is a subsidiary of TOSHIBA Corporation, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of medical imaging equipment such as MRI and X-ray inspection instruments. In March 2016, financial fraud problems were exposed and Toshiba announced the sale of the subsidiary. Fujifilm Holding tried to acquire, but Canon eventually won and paid 665,5 […]

Osaka group discusses the development of transgenic luminescent trees for street illumination

Plants that shine with fluorescence” need excitation light, so it is difficult to use them as lighting, for example, but plants shining with “luminescence do not require excitation light as they turn the energy of chemical substances into light. The group of Kenji NAGAI at Osaka University studies possibilities to develop highly luminescent trees which […]

NEDO-supported team develops self-regenerating photocatalyst sheet for artificial photosynthesis

ARPChem, the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo University of Science have jointly developed a photocatalytic sheet composed of bismuth vanadate and a conductive layer of tin and nickel with oxygen generation function. When this photocatalyst sheet is placed in water, a nickel iron mixed oxide (NiFeO x) immobilized on the photocatalyst surface functions as […]

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