Month: December 2012

Shiseido succeeds in imageing penetration of skin horny layer by cosmetics

The method is based on tape stripping combined with DESI-MSI and strip-by-strip 3D data processing. The thickness of the horny layer is about 20 micrometer. When the whitening agent 4-methoxy potassium salicylate (4MSK) developed by Shiseido was applied to human skin, the method was able to show the process of penetration over 5 layers. Shiseido […]

Tadaomi TAKENAWA and Yoshinori WATANABE win 2012 Takehashi Uehara Memorial prize

The prize is for distinguished services in life science research, especially health, and stands at 20 million Yen (~200.000 €). This year’s winners: Professor Tadaomi TAKENAWA of Kobe University, a researcher at Kobe University Medical Department who studies phosphoinositol-related signal transduction by mass spectrometry, and Professor Yoshinori WATANABE of the University of Tokyo whose focus […]

Osaka team develops life imageing based on bioluminescence resonance energy transfer(BRET)

Using Renilla luciferase (“nano lantern”) and chemiluminescence, the group could image Ca2+, cyclic adenosine monophosphate and adenosine 5′-triphosphate dynamics in environments where the use of fluorescent indicators was not feasible. With this technology, cancer tissues of a mouse could be observed in vivo and real time at video rates. Nature Communications doi:10.1038/ncomms2248

Calpis reports progress in mneme-improving properties of Lactobacillus helveticus

Calpis had reported already at the Japan Society of Biotechnology Meeting in October in Kobe that a lactoprotein-derived peptide isolated from L. helveticus showed mneme-improving properties in mice, Now, by joint research with Chubu University (Dr Hidehiko YOKOGOSHI) Calpis reported that mneme-improving properties were also found in human volunteers who consumed Lactobacillus helveticus containing […]

Lactoferrin research draws further industrial interest

The 5th meeting of the Japanese Association for Lactoferrin, held on Oct. 27 at Showa University, was attended by about 150 people including several companies, among them NRL Pharma, Lion, Sunstar, Morinaga Milk Industry, Saraya and Menicon. Effects of lactoferrin described at this meeting are strengthening of teeth and bones, suppression of premature delivery, improvement […]

RIKEN to reorganize plant research

According to a report in Nikkei Biotech, the Plant Science Center and the Biomass Engineering Research Program, both at RIKEN Yokohama’s Center, might reorganize shortly into a RIKEN Research Center for Environmental Resources which will include a plant immunology research group (a pertinent position has been offered by RIKEN). Nikkei Biotech, Dec. 6, 2012

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