Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

Japan’s NEDO launches 6 industrial demonstrators for bio-manufactured products

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101562.html The products and the project coordinators are Oil and fat production technology from inedible biomass using yeast, Idemitsu Kosan…

NEDO roadmap for fuel-cell heavy duty vehicles


Green Earth Institute and NEDO inaugurate “Kanto Biofoundry Base” for bioprocess optimization

As part of NEDO’s “Development of Production Technologies for Bio-based Products to Accelerate the Realization of Carbon Recycling, The  Green Earth…

“Act for Sky” consortium to cooperate on sustainable aviation fuel


Hydrogen generation from electrolysis: enhancing catalyst lifetime by Co2MnO4


CO2 to plastic raw materials – Japan starts 10 years program


Cement from carbon recycling – Japan starts 8 years program


NEDO awards 13 industrial programs on energy conservation


Offshore windpower program started


NEDO initiates program for using hydrogen in steelmaking

The steel industry emits as much as 40% of Japan’s industrial sector’s CO2 during the manufacturing process. The blast furnace…

Japan’s NEDO initiates program on fuel ammonia supply chain

As ammonia, like hydrogen, does not emit CO2 when burned, it is expected to be used as a decarbonized fuel…

Japan starts 8 years program to use hydrogen in steel-making


NEDO will reduce CO2 emissions in the concrete and cement industries

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101510.html The Japanese Ministry of Economy is financing a ten-year joint project with JP¥ 55 billion (approx. € 390 million)…

Mitsui Chemicals begins manufacturing bio-polypropylene (bio-PP) from biomass naphtha

The biomass naphtha prepared from vegetable oil waste and residual oil is supplied from Finland’s Neste. Mitsui Chemicals studies since…

18-11 Green Earth Institute uses Corynebacterium resting cells to prepare green chemicals from formaldehyde

In an artificial metabolic system, the formaldehyde is added via aldolase, to appropriate cosubstrates forming 2,4-dihydroxybutyric acid (DHB), homoserine (hSer),…

5-11 NEDO launches R&D program for hydrogen aircrafts

The project aims to increase the ratio of participation in international joint development of airframes and engines (currently about 20-30%)…

15-10 NEDO adds projects on use of CO2 as raw material

The project house NEDO of the Japanese Ministry of Economy and Trade METI is funding further topics on the use…

2021/08 Japanese consortium achieves solar hydrogen production on 100 m2 scale

A consortium of ARPChem, Fujifilm, TOTO, Mitsubishi Chemicals and the University of Tokyo, supported by NEDO, has installed and operated,…

2021/07 Demonstration plant for materials from PEG-modified lignin

Based on technology of the Forest Research Institute, the plant will be operated by a consortium consisting of seven companies,…


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