Month: November 2017

RIKEN team achieves cleavage of carbon-nitrogen bonds with TiH2 under mild condidtions

The new process aims at removing nitrogen from nitrogen-containing aromatic compounds such as pyridine and quinoline and is important in refining petroleum, shale oil or biomass as it improves the efficiency of hydrocracking. An international research team at RIKEN which included Chinese researchers from Dalian University of Science and Technology, China, mixed the highly active […]

Tokyo team achieves in-vivo transplantation of iPS-derived nephron progenitor cells to functional kidney cells in animal experiments

The group of Takashi Yokoo at Tokyo Jikei University’s school of medicine has succeeded to mature foreign iPS-derived nephron progenitor cells. To this end, they injected renal progenitor cells induced from iPS into the nephrogenic zone of the mouse metanephros, where injected cells are continuously developed at later stages of kidney development. When rat-derived progenitor […]

Mitsubishi Chemicals will start clinical trials with Muse cells in FY2017

Multi-lineage differentiating Stress Enduring cells (Muse) provide an alternative to stem cell technology and do not require recombinant processing for cell differentiation. They were developed by Tohoku University and its spin-off CLIO which was acquired by Mitsubishi Chemical Holding in 2015. According to a recent business meeting, clinical trials for myocardial infarction will begin in […]

Konica Minolta steps into health monitoring using tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR)

In cooperation with Tohoku University, Konica Minolta is pioneering devices for simple measurement of brain and heart functions based on TMR. A novel type of magnetic sensor which operates at room temperature records alpha waves of brain with high sensitivity and high resolution. Also, the cardiac magnetic field can be measured in real-time and applied […]

DRIVEtheArc”: Japanese consortium completes rapid charging station network at 25 locations for EV drivers in California”

Nissan Motor and Kanematsu, under a contract with NEDO, have completed 55 large-scale (50 kW) rapid charging stations at 25 locations in California, in a corridor from Monterey to Lake Tahoe. For Nissan EV drivers, a real-time smartphone app DRIVEtheARC” is available. In this demonstration project, data of behavior patterns of EV owners such as […]

Kyoto’s CiRA establishs screening system for Alzheimer (AD)-related drugs

The sceening developed by Haruhisa INOUE at Kyoto University’s Center for (CiRA) is based on cerebral cortical neurons derived from Alzheimer patients and uses compound libraries that are known to reduce amyloid β (Aβ). The cerebral cortical neurons used in the screening are obtained from iPS cells derived from AD patients by introducing the neural […]

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