Month: November 2019

Osaka University team finds clue in microbiota for rheumatoid arthritis

Based on extracted DNA samples and shotgun sequencing collected from stool of 82 untreated rheumatoid arthritis patients and 42 healthy subjects, the team of OKADA Toshihiro at Osaka University School of Medicine has found that some species of Prevotella are significantly increased in the microbiome of rheumatoid arthritis patients. It could not be concluded whether […]

Japanese startups develop “lifestyle guidance AI system” using intestinal environment information

Metagen Co. and MOLCURE Co., two Japanese startups, will established an AI-based system that predicts optimal weight loss using information about an individual’s intestinal environment. The AI ​​system will provide guidance and support for improving lifestyle habits (eating and regular exercise) according to the intestinal environment of the individual. Metagen (Metabologenomics) is active in microbiome analysis, Molcure onantibody-based libraries for metabolite analysis. The project is supported by NEDO. NEDO […]

NEDO starts biojet fuel feasibility test, focus on supply chain

In addition to establishing integrated production technology for pure bio-jet fuel, supply chain construction including raw material procurement, product supply, commercialization schemes and economic efficiency will be considered in order to promote the realization of such market in Japan. Four themes were adopted, and contractors nominated: 1. Gasification / FT synthesis technology (raw materials are […]

NEDO establishes Bioeconomy Promotion Office, adds bioeconomic unit at Technology Strategic Research Center

The overall strategic goal is “to realize the world’s most advanced bio economy society in 2030”. New budget requests for FY2020 include 2 billion yen for “Development of bio-based production technology that accelerates the realization of carbon recycling”, 850 million yen for “Development of technology related to cellulose nanofibers”  and 1.83 billion yen for the “Plastic […]

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