Month: January 2021

Japanese Noster Co. commercializes functional fatty acid which suppresses postprandial glucose levels

The product, 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid (HYA®), had originally been detected as a metabolite of dietary lipids and fatty acids by intestinal bacteria by the group of Jun OGAWA at Kyoto University. Further research at Nitto Pharmaceutical Co. had shown that this fatty acid inhibits the rise of postprandial blood glucose levels. A process has been developed by […]

2021/01 Spider silk „moon parka” on limited sale from Goldwin, Japan

In collaboration with the startup company Spiber, Japan’s sportswear producer Goldwin has offered a web-based lottery for the purchase of 50 pieces of a ski jacket named “moon parka” made from 3 layers, the outermost one of Spiber’s “spider silk” protein. Price with tax is 150,000 ¥ (about 1260 €). The two companies had already released […]

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