Month: September 2014

JST and DFG to co-sponsor 4 new projects within its FY 2014 Strategic International Research Cooperation Program

The programs and the German partners are: 1. Actual learning using a computational approach (with Markus Ursperg, Magdeburg University), 2. Decoding of the mouse motor cortex by in vivo 2-photon imaging data (with Takashi SATO, Junior Group at Tübingen University), 3. The development of the functional organization of the visual cortex (with Prof. Matthias Kaschube, […]

SCIVAX launches 3D culture kit for testing anticancer drugs

The kit can be used for testing drug candidates for primary cancer cell, for toxicity studies or for iPS cell regeneration. The NanoCulture® plates of SCIVAX contain a multi-layer adhesive which has been subjected to micro honeycomb and micro square patterning by nanoimprint technology, mimicking the extracellular matrix to the bottom surface. On these surfaces, […]

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