Month: November 2015

NEDO embarks on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) for “small business fuel cells”, commercialization expected by 2017

With the success of household fuel cells “Ene farm” (エネファーム) of which 14 million units were sold since 2009, NEDO now aims at SOFCs in the several hundred kW class, for use by restaurants, hairdressing salons, small medical and welfare facilities etc. Market introduction by participants of the NEDO programm on SOFCs (2013 – 2017) […]

RIKEN SACLA center pioneers 3D protein structure phasing without heavy metal substitution

Based on the SACLA’s X-ray free electron laser facility (XFEL) which allows for continuous femtosecond crystal structure analysis of crystals only 7 – 10 μm in size, the structure of lysozyme could be resolved at 2,1 A precision without support of heavy metal substituted protein analogues, using a sulfor atom single-wavelength anomalous dispersion method (S-SAD). […]

RITE team obtains 140 g/L of shikimic acid, achieves progress to produce aromatic compounds from sugar

In an interview, RITE Chief Researcher Masayuki INUI disclosed that yields of resting cells of recombinant C. glutamicum surpassed already 140 g/L productivity of shikimic acid, which is over 50 % yield based on sugar feed. It is expected that yields can be further improved, e. g. in view of the production of “green phenol”, […]

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