Month: May 2017

Genesis Healthcare Co. adopts Illumina microarray

Japan’s leading gene test company which commands about 80 % of the Japanese genetic testing market has decided to switch its microarray supplier from Thermo Fisher to a customized array of Illumina which contains SNPs from over 500.000 people, including East Asians. Genesis Healthcare aims to construct a genetic information database of 1 million people […]

Cell technology Co. starts cooperation with Aichi Gakuin University on regenerative medicine in dentistry

Cell Technology Co. has established a network with 1700 institutional dental care facilities in Japan for dental pulp cell storage. Stem cells from neural crests in permanent teeth are easily collected and have high proliferative power. The contract with Aichi Gakuin University is on using Cell Technology’s „dental pulp cell stock“ for regenerative medicine in […]

Hitachi develops novel high-precision breast cancer detection equipment, ultrasound-based

In Hitachi’s new system, the patient puts her breasts into an attached container filled with water for scanning by ultrasonic waves beamed from 360 degrees. The screening is finished in one minute, provides high sensitivity (detected a 5 mm tumor in a clincial test) and various characteristics of a tumor, such as hardness and surface […]

Tohoku University’s Megabank (ToMMo) and Omron Healthcare will start lifestyle study based on 5,000 volunteers

The consortium which has ample personalized information on their volunteers available, through the Megabank project, aims to develop models for the onset of diseases such as hypertension by utilizing wearable and home healthcare devices, leading eventually to the development of disease prevention rules. The project is supported by AMED. Nikkei Digital Health, May 25, 2017

19 Japanese companies form Japan Microbiome Consortium (JMBC)

Some of the companies are Ajinomoto, Astellas Pharma, LSI Mediens, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Ono Pharmaceutical Industry, Kyowa Hakko Kirin, JSR, Shionogi Pharmaceutical, Shiseido, Daiichi Sankyo, Taisho Pharmaceutical, Dainippon Sumitomo, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, DNA chip laboratory, Japan Tobacco Industry, Fuji Rebio, Mitsubishi Chemical, Morishita Junkan, and Urban Innovation Institute, Osaka (secretariat). JMBC will address the analysis of […]

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