Month: September 2020

Tokyo Institute of Technology launches program on artificial E. coli genome

In the “Bacterial Genome Architect Project (BGD)”, a synthetic genome of E. coli will be prepared by conventional method with desired characteristics for industrial applications. Project leader is Associate Professor Yasunori AIZAWA, industrial partner is Logomix Inc., a synthetic biology startup company founded in Tokyo in 2019, based on the IP of Dr. Yasunori Aizawa. Nikkei […]

NEDO launches program on new plastics biodegradable in marine waters

With a fund of NEDO, a consortium of companies, universities and national institutes will develop new plastics biodegradable in the oceans. The program includes analytical procedures, new materials including composites, and new bio-manufacturing processes. As a  goal, a domestic market of 200,000 tons for new marine biodegradable plastics should be reached by 2030. NEDO news release, […]

NEDO starts major new program in bioeconomy focusing on biofoundries

In 2019, Japan has formulated a new Bio-Strategy with the goal of achieving the world’s most advanced bio-economy by 2030. Major targets are bioplastics and high-performance chemicals manufactured by “smart cells” of plant and microbial origin and integrated bioproduction processes – so-called biofoundries. The 4 years program will include data-driven creation of new enzymes, integrated […]

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