Month: June 2015

ReproCell will start to sell „ReproNaive™“, a medium which keeps iPS cells in the undifferentiated state and triggers growth rate 100 fold

„ReproNaive™“ is a medium component which keeps iPS cells in the naive (unprimed) state for at least 10 days. It was developed by Naoki NISHISHITA at the Kobe Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation who is also Adviser to ReproCell. It will be sold from July 2015 for 30.000 Yen (~250 €) per unit. ReproCell […]

Hitachi High-Tech partners with Qiagen on development of automatic gene analyzer

Using Qiagen’s competence in extraction and amplification reagents for pre-processing and Hitachi’s know-how in equiment technology, a fully automated gene analyzer and next-generation sequencer based on the PCR method will be developed. Major applications will be in disease analysis and genetic testing, with a vision to do complex genetic testing for cancer diagnosis. Hitachi High-Tech […]

Sekisui announces development of convenient HPLC device for rapid DNA methylation analysis, aims at cancer analysis

In the joint development of Sekisui Medical with the National Cancer Institute, the time for measurement is aimed at just 10 to 15 minutes, being much shorter than in existing equipment. It aims to analyze quickly CpG islands related to renal, gastric cancer or colon cancer. In Sekisui Medical, other types of cancer epigenetics are […]

RIKEN and Osaka University team visualize cell differentiation by Raman spectroscopy

RIKEN and Osaka University team visualize no stain non-invasive cell differentiation using Raman spectroscopy superposition of all molecular vibrations making up a cell, the Advanced Bio-imaging research team of RIKEN’s Life Systems Research Center and cooparating partners were able to show the differentiation of C2C12 cells, a model cell line for muscle differentiation. RIKEN news […]

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