Month: August 2016

RIKEN and AIST build stronger partnership

RIKEN which is under MEXT and AIST which is under METI, both among Japan’s most comprehensive research institutions, have decided for the first time to cooperate on a wide range of topics including innovative drug discovery and medical technology through closer collaboration such as joint research workshops and symposia and the exchange of researchers. RIKEN […]

RIKEN team improve structural analysis of proteins by scattering refinement software

Koji YONEKURA and colleagues at RIKEN’s SPring-8 center have developed a software ScatCurve which allows to determine the optimum value of partial charges on each atom in a protein. Once applied to the analysis of catalase microcrystal by electron beam analysis or to cryo-electron microscopic images of ß-galactosidase, the charge distribution in either protein could […]

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