Month: December 2022

Japan Renesas Electronics Corporation develops power-efficient AI chip Under a contract from NEDO, Renesas has developed an AI chip with a dynamic reconfiguration processor (DRP) that handles complex tasks in real time. The power efficiency is 10 trillion operations per second (TOPS) per Watt consumed. This makes it possible to install the chip in a variety of devices such as security cameras, […]

Kyoto Prefectural University startup to sell “short rice” suitable for plant factories

Kyoto Prefectural University has begun offering a strain of “short rice” that is easy to use for plant-based material production and other applications. It is suitable for cultivation in plant factories because it can significantly reduce the cultivation space. A university start-up Miraishoku Research and Development Center will be established, where it will be marketed […]

Japanese team wins first prize in European competition on artificial photosynthesis The University of Tokyo and INPEX Co., partners in NEDO’s project “Technology Development for the Production of Key Chemicals Using Carbon Dioxide as Raw Material” and with the support of the Research Association for Artificial Photosynthetic Chemistry Process Technology (ARPChem)  have won the first place out of 22 teams  in the competition “Fuel from […]

Cultured Meat Industry submits proposal for legislation on “cellular foods” “Proposal on Rules for the Sale of Cellular Foods and Legislation to be Developed in Japan” The The scope of the proposal covers meat, eggs, milk, and seafood produced by cell culture, collectively referred to as “cellular foods”. The report emphasizesthat these foods have fewer disadvantages, such as environmental impact, than conventional livestock-derived products, […]

Reconstructed intestinal flora of 787 Japanese shows relationship to diet and disease A research group led by Yoshihiko Tomofuji, Ph.D. (Genetic Statistics), Osaka University , and Zuzo Okada, Ph.D. (Genetic Statistics / Team Leader, Systems Genetics Team, RIKEN Center for Biomedical Research has identified the intestinal microflora and reconstructed bacterial and viral genome sequences of 787 Japanese. Through integrated analysis of the newly developed database and […]

2022/11 Osaka University team prints edible QR code into cookies Kosuke Sato and colleagues have embedded “edible information” into cookies using a 3D printer. 2D codes, or AR markers, are created through cavities when the food is printed and remain intact during baking. They can be read again when the back of the cookies are exposed to high-frequency light, and not only store data […]

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