Month: February 2017

Japan will lower fixed prize for biomass power from 24 to 21 Yen/kW, stimulating construction of biomass power plants

According to a report from Nikkei Asia Review, this prize reduction will take place from October 2017 but biomass power plants approved before that date will enjoy the guaranteee purchase prize of 24 Yen for 20 years. This has led to an increase in construction of biomass power plants. Among others, Sumitomo plans to increase […]

RIKEN develops 3D electrofluidic structure which permits control of movement of microorganisms

The team of Koji SUGOKA at RIKEN Photonics Engineering Research Area has developed a technology for depositing metal thin films on a 3D microfluidic structure inside a glass microchip. Within the closed space of „electrofluidics“ fabricated by this technology, it was possible to control the 3D movement directions of Euglena. RIKEN news release, February 28, […]

Bonac and Tokyo University of Medicine develop improved nucleic acid replacement therapy for pulmonary fibrosis

In collaboration with Bonac Co., the team of Masahiko KURODA at Tokyo University of Medicine has developed a single-stranded RNA (“miR-29b Psh-match) that has a unique structure to avoid problems associated with the therapeutic uses of miRNAs. A comparison of miR-29b Psh-match and double-stranded miR-29b mimic indicated that the single-stranded form was significantly more effective […]

ToMMo starts selling SNP data and biological samples from Megabank project

Within the Tohoku Megabank Project – a consequence of the Great Western Japan Earthquake in 2011 – Tohoku University (Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo)) and Iwate Medical University analyzed the DNA of 10.000 residents using Illumina’s HumanOmniExpressExome” microarray which can analyze 960.000 SNPs. Eligible for purchase of such biological samples and SNP data are from […]

CellSeed Co. aims for approval of esophageal regeneration sheet by 2019

The esophageal regenerating epithelial sheet is prepared from from autologous oral mucosa and transplanted via endoscopic resection for wound healing/stenosis prevention of esophageal cancer. 10 clinical studies are planned at Swedish Karolinska University Hospital in collaboration with Tokyo Women’s Medical University. CellSeed news release, February 22, 2017

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