Month: May 2016

RIKEN team prepares 12 µm thin glass fluidic chip

The group around Yo TANAKA at RIKEN Yokohama has prepared an ultra thin flexible fluid chip from glass using ultra-short pulse laser technology which allowed to carve a groove structure with a high degree of accuracy in ultra-thin glass. The light-weight device is expected to be used in personalized medicine and life-science research. RIKEN news […]

NEDO starts development of common platform car battery

The program aims to develop a common EV storage system for cars which by 20130 achieves the same mileage as gasoline-powered cars today. Contractors are Sony, Toyota Motor, Toyota central Research Laboratory, Nissan Motor, Panasonic, Hitachi Chemical, Hitachi, Hitachi Maxell, Honda Technical Research Institute, Mitsubishi Motors and about 20 universities, RIKEN and national research centers. […]

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