Month: August 2023

Astellas pioneers use of double-armed robot Mahoro in cell culture R&D According to Nikkei Biotech, Astellas Pharma Inc. held a media tour at the Tsukuba Biotechnology Research Center on August 7, 2023. During the tour, robot Mahoro was shown to the media operating a culture plate. Mahoro is a dual-armed robot developed by the Robotic Biology Institute (Koto, Tokyo; Kenji Matsuguma, President) and the National […]

Japan’s Fermelanta to produce bio-based pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients using E. coli Firmelanta is a startup from Ishikawa Prefectural University that uses E. coli bacteria to create biotech products. The company is currently constructing various recombinant E. coli strains for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. In addition to its own production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients using the strains it has developed, the […]

Japan’s NEDO goes for carbon-neutral ammonia-combusting industrial furnaces As part of the Green Innovation Fund Project, NEDO will launch the “Decarbonization of Thermal Processes in the Manufacturing Sector” project (total budget: 30.41 billion yen) with the aim of achieving “carbon neutrality by 2050. The project will work on the establishment of combustion technologies required for carbon-neutral industrial furnaces, and technologies for reducing […]

2023/07 Mahoro humanoid robot improves the handling of cell cultures The general-purpose humanoid robot “Mahoro” is one of the most well-known of all experimental automation devices. Mahoro has a long history of development and was first announced in its current form in 2012. Since then, it has been gradually introduced to companies and research institutes. Mahoro excels at delicate work, and it can also […]

CarbGem introduces AI to determine antibiotic resistance upon bacterial infection CarbGem and its parent company, NexGen have filed for manufacturing and marketing approval for AI software that estimates the bacterial species of bacterial infections and supports diagnosis and selection of therapeutic agents. The AI software analyzes Gram-stained images of urine tests to estimate the species of bacteria. the AI software is linked to […]

Japan demonstrates battery controller for solar roads Under NEDO’s “Technology Research and Development Project for Discovery and Commercialization of New Energy and Other Seeds”, MIRAI-LABO Co., Ltd. has developed the “Solar Mobiway,” a solar power generation panel that can be laid on the road surface, and EV Repurpose, which reuses batteries discharged from used electric vehicles (EVs). The Autonomous Intelligent Road […]

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