Month: May 2019

NEDO defines five new topics for “smart cell industry” program

The “smart cell industry” program of NEDO (2016-2020) aims to produce industrial materials from plants and microorganisms in economically viable yields based on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. The five new topics (2019-2020) are Microbial production of polyamide materials (Toray) Cholesterol esterase derived from recombinant Burkholderia stabilis (Asahi Kasei Pharma) Microbial production of ergothioneine, a […]

High yield production of tetrahydropapaveroline, a pharmaceutical raw material, using synthetic biology and metabolic engineering

The group of Akihiko KONDO at Kobe University has used computer simulations, newly designed metabolic pathways and introduction of an engineered silkworm enzyme into E. coli to produce tetrahydropapaveroline (THP), a precursor compound of various benzylisoquinoline alkaloids which are used as analgesics. The project was carried out within NEDO’s “smart cell industry” program. NEDO news […]

New bio-strategy of government will focus support of private investment in 10 areas

As indicated by Koichi AKAISHI, Chief Policy officer of the Cabinet Office, the government’s new bio-strategy will include support of company investments in the following 10 areas: (1) high-performance biomaterials (2) bioplastics (3) sustainable primary production systems (agriculture) (4) organic waste and organic wastewater treatment (5) life improvement, healthcare and functional food (6) digital medicine […]

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