Month: January 2022

Genome-edited tiger puffer fish accepted as food in Japan

  Regional Fish, Kyoto, have received acceptance from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for genome-edited tiger puffer fish. In the genome-edited fish strain, a leptin receptor regulating appetite was removed, leading to growth at double speed and improved feed utilization efficiency. The high-growth tiger puffer […]

NEDO initiates program for using hydrogen in steelmaking

The steel industry emits as much as 40% of Japan’s industrial sector’s CO2 during the manufacturing process. The blast furnace method, which is currently used in steel mills in Japan, uses mainly coke (coal) to reduce iron ore to produce steel, leading to CO2 emissions. NEDO has been working on a hydrogen reduction process technology […]

Japan’s NEDO initiates program on fuel ammonia supply chain

As ammonia, like hydrogen, does not emit CO2 when burned, it is expected to be used as a decarbonized fuel for power generation and ships to achieve carbon neutrality. In particular, ammonia is expected to replace conventional fossil fuels in power generation, thereby promoting the decarbonization of thermal power generation. Ammonia can also be used […]

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