Month: April 2012

RIKEN researchers elucidate new clues for immunosuppression mechanisms influenced by the intestinal community which trigger autoimmune diseases

The group of Sidonia Fagarasan at RIKEN’s Research Center for Allergy and Immunology in Yokohama has published a report on mouse experiments that a shift in intestinal bacterial balance leads to a trigger in immunosuppression receptor PD-1 which may lead to the onset of autoimmune diseases. Science, April 27, 2012

ANA performs first transpacific flight using cooking oil biofuel; delivery flight of a 787 dreamliner

The 787 flew with biofuel made mainly from used cooking oil and emitted an estimated 30 percent less CO2 emissions when compared to today’s similarly-sized airplanes. Of the reduction in greenhouse gasses, about 10 percent can be attributed to the use of biofuel and approximately 20 percent to the technology and efficiency advancements offered by […]

Japan Health Research Institute founds Onsen Medical Science Research Center, specializing in balneotherapy

Director is Dr Shinya HAYASAKA, a specialist for balneotherapy and antiageing. Collaborative Researchers are Yosikazu Nakamura. Professor, Jichi Medical University, Toshiyuki Ojima, Professor, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Seiji Nishino, Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, Yoshinori Otsuka, Professor, Hokkaido University, and Hiroharu Kamioka, Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture. Press release, Onsen Medical Science Research Center, […]

Research team at Science University of Tokyo and Organ Technologies Inc. grows hair from transplanted hair follicle primordium, mouse experiments

A research team at the Science University of Tokyo (Professor Tsuji and others), Showa University, Kitasato University, and Organ Technologies (Chiyoda, Tokyo, President Hiroaki Asai) succeeded in extracting an epithelial stem cell and a papilla-pili cell from the hair follicle of a mouse adult, regeneration a hair-follicle primordium, transplanting this to the skin of a […]

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