Month: May 2013

Public-private partnership develops new miniaturized wastewater treatment plant based on microbial fuel cell

Within a NEDO project involving Sekisui, Panasonic and others, Professor Kazuya WATANABE of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences has developed a novel waste water treatment plant based on Shewanella oneidensis. This organism forms conducting nanomaterials outside its cell wall and adheres to electrode material thus permitting the construction of a waste water-driven biofuel […]

Pharma Foods International Co. expands business with globulin IgY (“Ovopron”) from hen’s eggs also in Malaysia

The product is based on spray-dried egg yolk poweder containing egg’s yolk globulin IgY as an food additive for mothers stimulating the immune system of the baby. After having expanded business from Japan to South Korea, the company announced to start production also in Malaysia and Canada. Pharma Foods International Co., press release May 22, […]

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