Month: October 2014

Terumo Co. applies to MHLW for approval of skeletal myoblast sheets, world’s first myocardial regenerative medicine

After developments and tests since 2007, Terumo has now applied for the manufacture and marketing of skeletal myoblast sheets for the treatment of ischemic heart disease. Muscle tissue from the thigh of a patient is collected, and tissue is cultured in vitro to sheets which are pasted on the damaged surface of the myocardium. As […]

RIKEN opens RIKEN CLST-JEOL Collaboration Center at RIKEN Yokohama

The center will focus on the development of solid-state NMR and develop 1.2 – 1.3 GHz NMR equipment using high-temperature superconducting magnets. Liquid Helium consumption will be strongly reduced, and a 4D Super Multimodal imaging technology will be developed, combining PET, MRI, ultrasound and optical spectroscopy. The aim is to dramatically improve Japan’s industrial competitiveness […]

Fujifilm acquires outstanding shares of J-TEC, a leading company in regenerative medicine

J-TEC, in which Fujifilm had a 41 % stake since 2010, produces various regenerative medicine products such as myoblast sheets and regenerated liver tissue, with proprietary scaffolding methods. J-TEC has also developed a recombinant collagen produced in microorganisms which has excellent biocompatibility. Fujifilm news release, Oct. 30, 2014

Wako Pure Chemicals acquires worldwide rights to manufacture and sell iPS reagents

The key product is Y-27632, a selective and potent ROCK inhibitor (ROCK: Rho-associated, coiled-coil containing protein kinase) acting on the ROCK signaling system. It was developed by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma and distributed by API corporation. In human ES cells, it helps to increase the survival rate and cloning efficiency after cryopreservation of human iPS cells. […]

Takara Bio will start mass production of cardiomyocytes from iPS cells by 2015

In collaboration with CiRA, Kyoto University, the National Institute of Health Sciences and with funding from NEDO, Takara is developing commercial mass production of myocardial cells generated from iPS cells, for use in the clinical testing of cardiac toxicity evaluation of drugs. The project is supported by NEDO with 200 million Yen. NEDO news release, […]

National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) and RIKEN identify all 342 types of secondary metabolites in rice

Based on functional genome analysis, two groups at RIKEN Environmental Resources Center and at NIAS Biological Research Institute have analyzed all 175 rice varieties which are grown in Japan by genome-wide association studies to identify 342 types of secondary metabolites, many of them related to flavor, disease resistance etc. In addition, the genetic polymorphisms leading […]

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