Month: December 2018

Tokyo TB-M Co. introduces LIMEX-made plastic bags made mostly from limestone

LIMEX is a limestone-derived material which consosts of 60 % CaCO3 and 40 % polypropylene. It shows excellent water resistance and good recycling capability. LIMEX plastic alternatives can be produced from LIMEX pellets. LIMEX paper can be used for books, name cards, posters or notebooks. By using polypropylene, LIMEX paper alternatives are printable with high temperature […]

Fujifilm to establish iPS cell manufacturing facility for clinical use in the USA

Fujifilm announced on December 20 that their subsidiary Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics will invest about 2.5 billion Yen (~20 million €) in Madison, Wisconsin.  Targets are regenerative medical products in the area of ​​age-related macular degeneration, retinal pigment degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and cancer using high-quality iPS cells produced at this facility from 2019 on. Fujifilm […]

Mitsubishi Life Sciences Institute to begin clinical trials on Muse cell therapy for Epidermolysis bullosa

Muse cells are nontumorigenic pluripotent stem cells present in adult tissues discovered by Mari DEZAWA at Tohoku University in 2010. Mitsubishi Life Sciences Institute has acquired this technology and carries out clinical trials targeting acute myocardial infarction since January 2018. The company announced on December 20 that they have started clinical trials with Muse cells type […]

Takara Bio will sell its mushroom business to Niigata’s Yukiguni Maitake

The sales agreement will comprise transfer of development, production and sales of mushrooms, licensing, and sales of active agents. The sales are based on Takara’s management plan 2019 which promotes the three business divisions of “Biotechnology support business”, “Genetic medicine business” and “Medical food bio business”. Takara Bio news release, December 17, 2018

QD Laser Co. is developing an eyeglass type “retinal scanning laser eyewear”

The company, which features semiconductor laser technology, has developed an eyeglass-type “retinal scanning laser eyewear” that projects images directly onto the retina using ultra-small laser projectors. Since the image is directly projected on the retina, it is little affected by visual acuity, and could be commercialized as a support device for visually handicapped.

Morinaga Milk will introduce milk products containing tripeptide MKP as blood pressure lowering agent

The tripeptide (methionine – lysine – proline) isolated from casein degradation has been shown to be an ACE inhibitor and lower systolic blood pressure in man. This development follows up on lactotripeptide present in Calpis products since 2012, and other peptide-based developments. Nikkei Biotech news release, December 7, 2018

Mitsubishi completes MUSE cell production facility, aims at triple sales of biodegradable plastic

According to a business presentation meeting of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, the companies Life Sciences Institute LSII hs completed, in October, the facility for the manufacture of heterologous MUSE cells. For 2019, triple sales of biodegradable BioPBS (bio-based polybutylene succinate) are expected. Nikkei Biotech news release, December 5, 2018

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