Month: April 2015

Takeda announces R&D collaboration with Keio and Niigata University

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. has announced to have signed a 10 years’ joint collaborative research contract with Keio University school of medicine and Niigata University (Associate Prof. Masato YANO) to support Takeda’s research at Shonan Research Center with a focus on disease-related RNA-binding proteins. The application fields will be mostly CNS-related fields and oncology. Takeda news […]

Takeda and CiRA announce comprehensive joint research agreement.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Kyoto University’s CiRA announced that they will work together to develop clinical applications of induced pluripotent stem cells in areas such as heart failure, diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders and cancer immunotherapy. The “Takeda-CiRA Joint Program for iPS Cell Applications” (T-CiRA) is designed to expedite multiple research projects for drug discovery and cell […]

J-TEC offers autologous cultured cartilage nation-wide

The product ist he second regenerative medicine product registered in Japan. It is listed by health insurances and used fort he treatment of traumatic cartilage deficiency or osteochondritis dissecans in knee joints. Chondrocytes are harvested from the joint oft he patent, and with atelocollagen as scaffold expanded for 4 weeks, then transplanted by surgery. Sales […]

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