Month: August 2021

27-8 Secure storage of genome analysis data by quantum cryptography

Toshiba and others explore a system to store personal genetic data from projects of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo) using a combination of quantum cryptography communication technology and secret distribution technology. The consortium has successfully conducted a demonstration experiment to distribute large-scale human genome analysis data to multiple locations for safe backup storage. Nikkei […]

27-8 Grillus, a startup on edible crickets for human nutrition

Grillus is a startup from the University of Tokushima that produces edible crickets and sells cricket-derived as „circular food“. Basic technology consists of mass production of a highly uniform albino strain of the Dipterocarpus cricket, which has been maintained at the University of Tokushima for generations. The crickets are then dried and grinded providing a […]

2021/08 Japanese consortium achieves solar hydrogen production on 100 m2 scale

A consortium of ARPChem, Fujifilm, TOTO, Mitsubishi Chemicals and the University of Tokyo, supported by NEDO, has installed and operated, since August 2019, a demonstrator for photocatalytic water splitting and succeeded in separating and recovering high-purity „solar hydrogen“ from the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen generated by water decomposition. The system consists of a photocatalytic […]

16-8 Promising ventures in Japan: The University Venture Award 2021

Japan’s Science and Technology Agency JST and NEDO, project house of the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, offer an annual award to startups, financially supported by companies. The 2021 prize was awarded to Heartseed Co. Heartseed, a spin-off of Kyoto University, develops cardiac regeneration medicine for severe heart failure, using iPS cells. The […]

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