Month: September 2021

16-9 NEC plans to grow healthcare and life science business to a value of 500 billion JP¥ in 2020

According to Mr Seiko Kitase, CEO of NEC, the focus of NEC’s related plans are Medical care business, e. g. analysis of image data by AI, Lifestyle support business, e. g. walking analysis of seniors (gait analysis), Life science business, such as AI-supported drug discovery Nikkei Biotech news release, September 16, 2021

14-9 MHLW will establish a „Genome Medical Support Center Japan“

The center (tentative name) will be an organization under the national government. In a whole genome analysis execution plan for cancer and intractable diseases, patient samples will be provided by cooperating medical institutions, and the samples and clinical information will be shared with the organizations that carry out whole genome analysis. The executing organization performs […]

16-9 Cultured meat industry will submit proposals on safety standards and IP

A Cell Farming Study Group was established in January 2020 by Tama University as a forum for experts to discuss food production using cell culture. More than 70 organizations are participating, including domestic and foreign companies engaged in cultured meat production and companies interested in entering the industry in the future. Major issues under discussion […]

7-9 Ministry of Agriculture inks major programs on biotech

Within its biotech-related 74 billion Yen (about 570 million €) budget for FY2022, the ministry aims to strengthen production capacity and improve sustainability of the domestic agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries. Topics include: low-temperature storage systems for tea leaves and late-season tea varieties technologies for early egg collection, artificial seedling cultivation and aquaculture of eel […]

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