Month: March 2016

Kobe team prepares UV-absorbing peptide from Corynebacterium glutamicum

Akihiko KONDO’s team from Kobe University has engineered C. glutamicum to produce shinorine (mycosporine – glycine – serine), a tripeptide which has a strong absorption between 310 and 365 nm and might be used as a UV-A protectant. The gene cluster was introduced into C. glutamicum from Actinosynnema mirumshinorine and the metabolic pathway was optimized. […]

JAMSTEC researchers study structural basis for enzyme stability of barophilic microorganisms

A group led by the Japan Institute of Marine and Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has studied the structure of enzymes isolated from a Calyptogena strain living at about 11.000 m depth in the Mariana trench. Using isopropyl malate dehydrogenase isolated from a deep sea microorganism and comparing to a standard enzyme from Shewanella oneidensis, […]

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