Month: July 2015

Kaneka will start breast reconstruction therapy clincial trials based on adipose-derived stem cells, cooperation with Cell Port Clinic Yokohama

Based on technology by Kaneka’s subsidiary BioMaster (cultivation of autologous adipose-derived stem cells), Cell Port Clinic Yokohama will start breast reconstruction therapy for cancer patients. Studies will follow the new Law on Ensuring the Safety of Regenerative Medicine issued in November 2014. Kaneka news release, July 31, 2015

Chiba University group finds molecular trigger for inflammatory diseases in obese mice

The group of Toshinori NAKAYAMA and Yusuke ENDO of Chiba University Medical Research Institute identified fatty acid synthese ACC1 as a strong candidate to cause autoimmune diseases in obese people. Based on transcriptional analysis of obese vs. normal mice, candidate genes for an inflammatory pathway were observed and later confirmed in the analysis of related […]

Central Institute of Experimental Animals and INSERM develop chimeric mice with human liver as a malaria infection model

Liver-humanized (LH) TK-NOG mice were inoculated with Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites, killed at different time points, and their livers were analysed for the presence of parasites by immunofluorescent staining, providing evidence for a full life cycle of the parasite. The developments were jointly done with France’s INSERM based on the TK-NOG mouse developed by the Central […]

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