Month: October 2012

Taisho Pharmaceutical’s sales of its health food for fat-control, Livita, reached 4 billion Yen in 6 months

Livita “Self-care” products,, directed against metabolic syndrome and related diseases, are under FOSHU labeling. Fat care” is a food for specified health use suitable for suppression of body fat absorption in the small intestine by blending coffee with manno-oligosaccharides obtained by hydrolyzing and extracting the dietary fiber contained in coffee beans. “Middle care” is […]

Consumer Agency adds 6 new FOSHU items, including “resistant starch”-containing products from Matsutani Chemical Industry

After the decision of the Consumer Agency on Oct. 24, total FOSHU agents are now 1019 (permitted) plus 1 (recognized). An interesting new area are products such as soba containing “resistant starch”, as offered by Matsutani Chemical Industry with claims of reducing digestibility, preventing the onset of diabetes and improving intestinal microflora. Consumer Agency News […]

FujiFilm introduces “Meta-Fire” and “Meta-Barrier”, two health products for balancing overeating

“Meta-Fire” contains L-carnithine and capsicum extracts. “Meta-Barrier-Premium” contains dietary components such as seewhead-based polyphenols for lipid absorption and an undisclosed “fat burner”. The products are directed towards the elderly who overeat and move around too little. FujiFilm press release, Oct. 22, 2012

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