Month: June 2018

Morinaga Milk obtains permission for functional disply on yogurt to keep skin moisture.

Morinaga’s Aloe Sterol Drink Yogurt may be labelled by “keeping skin moisture”. The functional components are aloe-derived rophenol and cycloalananol. Results of clinical trials that confirmed the function of “keeping moisture on the skin” were announced in a paper of June 2016 (Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2016, 29: 309-317). Morinaga Milk news release, June 29, 2018

Nihon University develops low-cost technology for shallow geothermal heat utilization

Under support of NEDO, Nihon University’s College of Engineering and Nissho Techno Co. have found a new construction method digging into depth of less than 20 m. The two features of this procedure are a rotary burial construction method, where steel pipes used as underground heat exchanger penetrate the underground while rotating; unlike in ordinary […]

Sumitomo Chemical develops improved PMMA material for car front windows

The light and sturdy resin is based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which  has high transparency but also high rigidity and toughness. The fracture behavior of this material was elucidated at the molecular level, and a higher order structure design was achieved. As a result, the flexural modulus was about 1.6 times and the Charpy impact strength […]

Bridgestone develops rubber composite with improved performance and fuel economy

The composite is based on a double network structure developed by Hokkaido University ‘s GUN Cheng Ping. It is prepared by tough polymerization of rubber materials and improves fuel economy and strength. Bridgestone claims to have achieved a completely new rubber material that improves the tire’s fuel economy characteristics by 15%, and the strength about […]

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