Month: June 2022

2022/06 Dr Foods offers vegetable-based foie-gras burger Dr. Foods (Shinjuku, Tokyo), a developer of cultured meat and plant-derived meat, announced on June 28, 2022, that it will launch its first product, a plant-derived alternative foie gras. Although not a product made from cultured animal cells, the company used the name “cultured foie gras” because microorganisms are cultured in the manufacturing process. […]

Technology to prevent chicken-egg allergy with egg white enzyme degradation products A group led by Takashi Igarashi, president of the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD), and Yoshihide Hata, president of Nippon Ham (NIHON HAM), has successfully developed a technology to prevent egg allergy, which is a problem among infants and young children. At present, the research results are from mice (published online […]

University of Tokyo develops finger-shaped robot covered with cultured skin To construct cultured skin on a flat surface, a collagen solution in which dermal cells are suspended is first gelatinized, and then dermal tissue is cultured on the gel. Then, epidermal cells are seeded on the surface of the cultured dermis to form an epidermal layer. In order to align the flat cultured skin […]

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