Month: January 2016

PuREC, a venture company studying ultra-high purity human mesenchymal stem cells, raises 90 million Yen

The spin-out of Shimane University puts a focus on rapidly expanding cells (REC) stem cells from human bone marrow which constitute 0.001 % or less of mesenchymal cells. It is anticipated that REC cells can differentiate into self-proliferating cells which can be used for the treatment of, e. g., autoimmun diseases. Shimane University news release, […]

Whole genome sequencing of Chlorella high in oil elucidates oil-producing mechanism

A group around Shigeyuki KAWANO at the University of Tokyo has carried out whole genome sequencing, transcriptomic analysis and metabolic map construction of Parachlorella kessleri, an algae which can produce starch or oil. From transcriptome and microstructure analysis, autophagy has been implicated as a major for oil accumulation in Chlorella JST news release, January 16, […]

Chemical synthesis of 5 EPO glycoforms reveals structure-activity relationship of sugar chains

A team around Yasuhiro KAJIHARA of Osaka University has coupled six synthetic glycopeptides with different glycosylation patterns and arrived at five functional and correctly folded EPO glycoforms. Experiments on in vivo erythropoiesis in mice showed that biological activity is different in all glycoforms, providing information about the most important structural features, thus paving the way […]

Hitachi Shipbuilding develops PLA-based composite with 20fold higher impact resistance compared to PLA

The composite is based on a uniform mixture of PLA with bio-tdrans-polyisoprene obtained from Eucommia bimass. The impact resistance of appropriate mixtures was 16 – 25 higher as compared to PLA, and the tensile properties were also higher. The material whose development was supported by a NEDO grant is intended for use in car components […]

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