Month: February 2024

2024/01 Japan: a survey on current clinical trials for cell medicines and cell sheets

In a recent article in Nikkei Biotech, the state of registration of regenerative medicine products in Japan was summarized and discussed. At present, there are 16 products of which 2 were conditionally approved and 14 are in various stages of clinical testing. Current CAR-T-related and gene therapy studies were not included in this list. […]

2ß23/12 Kao introduces gallic acid made by synthetic biology On December 13, 2023, Kao announced that it will begin B-to-B sales of gallic acid in Japan (product name: GA-100 BIO), produced by utilizing genetically engineered coryneform bacteria. Gallic acid is an aromatic compound found in the insect galls of the poison ivy plant, and is used as a chemical necessary for semiconductor circuit […]

NEDO consortium pioneers ground improvement with CO2-fixed cement In  Japan, approximately 8 million tons or approximately 20% of domestic cement demand are used annually for ground improvement. Takenaka, Kajima and Denka Corporation are developing carbon negative concrete CUCO® that emits virtually no carbon dioxide (CO2) during the concrete manufacturing process.  Takenaka Corporation has recently developed a “CUCO®-CO2 fixation ground improvement method which […]

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