Month: December 2023

2023/11 CCUS: Japan inaugurates ship for liquid CO2 sea transport The CO2 transport test ship “Ekusukuru”, which incorporates a marine cargo tank system for transporting carbon dioxide (CO2) and was developed as part of the “CCUS Research, Development and Verification Project” commissioned by NEDO, was completed, and a naming and delivery ceremony was held. (NGL) and the Engineering National Association of Japan (ENAA), which […]

Three leading bio/healthcare startups: Spiber, Inovacel and CureApp

A recent article in the magazine Nikkei Biotech looks at the situation of Japanese start-ups in bio and healthcare. The funding environment for startups in Japan is less mature than in Europe and the United States, and the amounts raised per funding round are generally small. Recently, however, some Japanese bio/healthcare startups have raised […]

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