Month: April 2013

Group at Hiroshima Institute of Technology shows that wheat flour prepared by Steinmetz technology has high antioxidant capacity, commercialization by Anderson Japan

Associate Professor Koji KADOKAWA of Hiroshima Institute of Technology found by two standardized methods (ORAC and DPPH) that if wheat is milled according to a procedure invented and patented by Steinmetz Patentmüllerei Hamburg, which includes cleaning, washing and soft removal of the shell and her bitter components, the resulting wheat flour and bread has high […]

Nippon Meat Packers develop lateral flow text for six food pathogens

Using cecropin P1, an intestinal antimicrobial peptide as a binder, Nippon Meat Packeers and Hokkaido University (Professor AIZAWA Tomoyasu) have developed a sandwich ELISA assay for the fast detection of various enterohemorrhagic strains of E. coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, based on a lateral flow assay. JSBBA Annual Meeting in Sendai, March 7, lectures 4A11a08 and […]

MHLW council accepts clinical studies for gene therapy on LCAT deficiency.

At a meeting on April 18, the clinical study at Chiba University Hospital concerning the autologous transplantation of LCAT transgenic cells and proliferative adipocyte as a delivery vehicle for the treatment of familial lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency was accepted. Clinical Cell Biology and Medicine, Chiba University Hospital,

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