Month: September 2017

Farmers in Gunma prefecture obtain permission to breed recombinant silkworms in open facility, manufacture fluorescent silk

Both the Silkworm Technology Center in Gunma Prefecture and sericulture farmers in Maebashi City obtained permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment to produce fluorescent silk, containing GFP, from genetically modified silkworms in an open system, following the rules of the Cartagena Protocol. The silkworms had been hatched from their […]

Toyota-led consortium starts wind power to hydrogen project in Hokkaido

The NEDO-led consortium which besides Toyota Tsusho includes NTT, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Flein Energy, Technoba Co. and the Muroran Institute of Technology, will establish a new business model where wind power will be converted into hydrogen leading to thermal energy. Specifically, the electric power system will be optimized by predicting the amount of electricity that […]

NEDO publishes technical guideline for regional biomass energy use

The guideline contains 3 chapters: Chapter I Concept of Sustainable Energy Business Chapter II Introduction Requirements (Woody Biomass)(Wet Biomass) Chapter III Technical Guidelines (Woody biomass edition). It is based on interviews with business operators and experts and relevant reference materials and provides information for regional business operators considering entry into biomass energy projects. NEDO news […]

Fujifilm invests 430 million Yen in NC Medical Research Co. on MS cell technology

NCMR is a subsidiary of e-Solutions Co. and engaged in R&D of regenerative medicine products for the treatment of acute cerebral infaction (NCS-01). The mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are derived from human bone marrow. The present thrombolytic therapy for acute cerebral infaction is limited to within 4,5 hours after the onset, whereas MSC can be […]

Asahi Kasei obtains license for bone regenerative cell therapy

The license, exclusive for Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, comes from Belgium’s Bone Therapeutics, Inc., and is directed to the cellular drug PREOB. PREOB is an autologous cell product produced from the patient’s bone marrow. Osteoblasts contained in PREOB promote bone regeneration, and application to intractable bone diseases is being studied. Currently, Phase 3 clinical […]

iLPixel and Singapore’s iGroup launch image fraud detection service for life science research

The Tokyo-based company, a leader in the application of AI to the analysis of scientific images, has formed a joint-venture with Singapore-based iGroup which offers ImaChek, an image fraud detection service for life science research. ImaCheck applies cutting edge image processing technology to detect unnatural parts processed or reused in images. iLPixel news release, Sept. […]

Solarenergie für Sensoren und Displays im T-Shirt

Ein Team des RIKEN und der Universität Tokio haben ultradünne organische Solarzellen entwickelt, die sich dehnen und waschen lassen. Eine nur 3 µ dicke Siegelfolie besteht aus einem Thiazolothiazol-/Naphthobisthiadiazol-Halbleitercopolymer, der beidseitig in Parylen eingebettet ist; sie ist wasserfest, kann ohne Verlust ihrer Funktionalität geknickt oder zerschnitten werden und lässt sich in Textilgewebe einarbeiten. Der Wirkungsgrad […]

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