Month: April 2024

TOWING and Mitsubishi Research Institute: field test of carbon farming using a high performance biochar TOWING and Mitsubishi Research Institute have started a field demonstration of carbon farming using TOWING’s high-performance biochar “Soratan” in Miyazaki Prefecture on March 1. The application of the high-functional biochar will improve the quality of farmland soil and increase productivity, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions through soil carbon sequestration.  

Mitsui Chemicals starts producing chemicals from pyrolyzed bio & waste plastic oil, and cooperates with Kao on polymer recycling Mitsui Chemicals has started to use pyrolyzed oil (hereinafter referred to as waste plastic decomposed oil) procured from CFP Co. in its cracker at Osaka factory (Takaishi City, Osaka Prefecture) for mass production of a wide range of products (chemicals and plastics).¬†Waste plastic cracked oil (“RePlayer”), like petroleum-derived naphtha and biomass naphtha (“BePlayer”), is […]

NITE and NEDO launch Green Innovation Forum for CO2-based applied industrial microbiology The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) ¬†has launched a new project, “Green Innovation”, in which microorganisms that contribute to the production of useful substances from carbon dioxide (CO2) and related information (growth conditions, genome information, useful gene information, etc.) will be made available to companies from the project period. The New Energy […]

Kao develops mosquito skin repellant based on silicone Kao has commercialized an insect repellent in Thailand and Singapore using silicone oil. The cream-like formulation contains silicone oil and citronella oil. It is well received for its non-irritating and easy-to-like scent.In the regions where it was released, people have a lifestyle of using body lotion to moisturize after bathing, so by using Mos […]

Sumitomo Pharma begins Phase 1/2 of allogeneic iPS cell-derived dopaminergic neural progenitor cells in the USA The company filed a clinical trial application (IND) in February 2024, and recently completed a 30-day investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This corporate clinical trial uses frozen allogeneic iPS cell-derived dopaminergic neural progenitor cells. Allogeneic iPS cells will be induced to differentiate at Sumitomo Pharma’s regenerative and cell therapy manufacturing […]

Vetanic Co. develops regenerative medicine products using dog and cat iPS cell production technology The company’s basic technology involves introducing an animal reprogramming factor into cells using a plasmid vector and culturing it under specific conditions to create iPS cells. The company is currently developing regenerative medicine products using canine iPS cells. As a candidate for the next pipeline, it also succeeded in producing cat iPS cells. In […]

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