Month: June 2016

Keio University group finds culture conditions to produce highly pure iPS-derived human cardiomyocytes

In this study financed by AMED the trick was to substitute glutamate and glucose in the iPS culture medium. In such case, the ratio of residual undifferentiated iPS cells in the expanded cardiomyocytes intended for transplantation was less than 0.001 %. Clinical studies based on this finding were already announced. China Bio news release, June […]

Shiseido starts clinical studies to transplant autologous hair root sheath cells

Dermal sheat cup cells (DSC) are involved in male and female middle-age alopecia (hair loss). In collaboration with Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Shiseido is preparing for a clinical study on 60 volunteers (male and female) where DSC are isolated from the skalp of each person, expanded in Shiseido’s cell processing center and in a single […]

Yakult finds fucosyl lactose the main component for Bifidobacteria dominance in the intestinal flora of babies

Among breast milk oligosaccharides (HMO), fucosyl lactose is the main component to ensure the dominance of Bifidobacteria in the intestinal flora of babies. Key factor is the availability of a FL transporter in the Bifidobacteria strains. Yakult offers fermented milk products for babies which contain a Bifidobacterium bifidum strain (BF-1) which survives stomach passage. However, […]

Kitasato University and Stanley Electric study growth promotion of fish in aquaculture using green LED light

After irradiation of a test basin with green LED light for 4 weeks, marbled sole, the main fish species of Tokyo Bay, grew 1.2 times in length and 1.4 times in body weight as compared to standard cultivation. Spotted halibut and flounders showed similar effects. The experiments are part of a preparation for „Edo-style Tokyo […]

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