Month: August 2018

Yasuhisa ASANO receives lifelong achievement award from Japanese Society for Biotechnology

Professor Yasuhisa ASANO, Director of the Biotechnology Research Center at the Prefectural University of Toyama and Leader of the ERATO ASANO Active Enzyme Molecule Project from 2012 – 2018, will receive the Lifelong Achievement Medal of the Japanese Society for Biotechnology at the Annual Meeting of SBJ a at Kansai University on Sept. 5th, 2018.

Team at Tohoku University improves protein design by AI

The group of Mitsuo UMEZU first prepared a small number of variants of green fluorescent protein (GFP) by conventional random mutagenesis and measured their fluorescent properties in ordert o acquire learning data for artificial intelligence. Next, by Bayesian optimization, an artificial intelligence techniques, they predicted which mutation if introduced would convey the desired function. This […]

Implanta Innovations and Sumitomo Rubber: improved procedure for rubber tree genetic transformation

The method is based on „whiskers“ prepared from potassium titanate. Genetic material used for transformation is added to such whiskers which by means of ultrasound integrate with high efficiency into the germ plasm of Para rubber, the rubber tree. As a systematic proof, the fluorescent protein gene from Chiridius poppei, a marine plankton, was introduced […]

Hayashibara finds that trehalose adds to broiler breeding without antimicrobial additives

In collaboration with Yamanashi Prefecture and Tohoku University, Hayashibara Co. found that if trehalose was added by 0.5% to a broiler feed without antimicrobial additives, broilers became significantly heavier at the age of 43 days and productivity had improved. The gross revenue improved by 6.17 yen (8.8%) due to the addition of trehalose. Trehalose improves […]

Takeda focuses regenerative medicine projects to collaboration with CiRA (T-CiRA)

According to an interview with Nikkei Biotech, Takeda has reduced its staff concerned with regenerative medicine projectds to researchers in charge of T-CiRA, and other researchers have been transferred to the Central Nervous System Disease and other units of Shonan Health Innovation Park. According to the interview, the number of target researchers is estimated to […]

Horiba develops sensitive, maintenance-free sensor for hypochlorite measurement in water

Hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite are used in the food industry for sterilizing food and cooking equipment, and the real-time measurement of effective chlorine concentration is necessary for sanitary control. Horiba Instruments, under a JST contract, has developed a diamond-based electrochemical sensor device which is not affected by pH or temperature and allows for maintenance […]

Tsmuk Co. introduces next-generation RODEM wheelchair

“RODEM” is a next-generation smart mobility wheelchair that combines robotic, mobility and wheelchair features. It allows for transfer to beds, chairs, toilets, etc. without changing the orientation of the body. 【1】It is possible to smoothly transfer from bed and chair 【2】It is easy to turn even in a narrow place 【3】Remote control with smartphone 【4】Expanding […]

University of Tokyo team develops „intelligent Cell Sorter“ based on deep learning of cell images

The group of Keisuke GODA at the University of Tokyo combined a fluorescent-activated cell sorter (FACS) with high-speed micro-imaging and high-speed data processing based on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet. After cycles of deep learning with cell samples, the machine was able to discriminate cells by high-speed imaging. The system was successfully tested with microbial, animal […]

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