Month: April 2018

University of Tokyo team develops fluorescent dyes for intracellular pH measurement

Yasutero URANO and colleagues have synthesized a group of dyes exhibiting a short absorption wavelength of about 80 nm while maintaining fluorescence by becoming acidic. The dyes exhibited high stability on light irradiation. Furthermore, by changing the chemical structure, the fluorescence color could be changed from deep red to near infrared light in response to […]

Daiichi Sankyo extends phase I/II test on novel treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

The drug, DS-5141, is a nucleic acid medicine and has been co-developed with Orrphan Disease Treatment Institute, Tokyo. As it was not possible to obtain the expected results with regard to the main endpoint of efficacy, the administration period for the same patient will be prolonged 4fold. Daiichi Sankyo news release, April 25, 2018

NEDO starts AI chip program directed towards SMEs

The R & D project will focus on (1) accelerating AI chip development and (2) “AI chip enabled high-efficiency and high-speed processing, aiming to realize “Connected Industries” through the creation of new added value by digitalization. NEDO also plans to dispatch experts so that small and medium-sized venture companies participating in this project can work […]

Toray develops wearable power supply which can be directly pasted on clothes by hot melt method

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Tokyo and at the University of California in Santa Barbara, a group around Daisuke KITAZAWA at Toray has synthesized a new semiconductor polymer PBDTTT-OFT” that is heat resistent and shows high energy conversion efficiency. PBDTTT – OFT has a skeleton similar to “PBDTTT – EFT (or PTB […]

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