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HiBD Co. produces certified biojet fuel from waste cooking oil

GEI opens Biofoundry Manufacturing Plant

NEDO supports ammonia-cofired ship engine development

Singapore Umami Meats develops “cultured fish meat”

Moderna and IBM use quantum computing and MolFormer-XL, a generative AI, for mRNA medicine

Galdiera – a red microalgae useful for gold extraction from waste water and micro-mining

Toray and Mitsui Sugar realize bagasse-to-sugar plant in Thailand

CHITOSE Carbon Capture Central (C4) starts 7 ha microalgae cultivation facility in Kuching, Malaysia

Kewpie and Hiroshima University create ovomucoid-free chicken eggs by genome editing

Kobe’s BioPalette develops enterobacteria for microbiome therapy

Taisei Corp. makes Synechococcus produce extracellular fatty acids

Kao Corp: gallic acid and 4,3-AHBA from glucose

Plastics to fertilizer: guiding principles for fully bio-based polycarbonates

A clinical support company tests ChatGPT for dialogues with patients

Brain tumor treatment with iPS cell-derived neural stem cells transfected with suicide genes?

Shimadzu and MyCan Technologies develop kit for febrile substance testing

Ajinomoto develops RNA pesticides manufactured in C. glutamicum

NEDO initiates program on “smart microorganisms” producing value products from CO2

Kidwell Bio prepares clinical study for treatment of cerebral palsy with stem cells

Shimadzu Corporation and others establish a consortium to develop cultured meat

New alloy melts over 2000 C, useful for OLED production processes

Shipping and receiving locations for Japan’s liquefied hydrogen supply chain

Suntory pioneers bowel analysis through gut sound recorded by smartphone

NEDO explores AI to improve the quality of seedlings for plant factories

iPS-derived cartilage shown to repair cartilage defects in monkeys

Regional Fish and NTT establish joint venture for aquaculture and breeding of genome-edited seafood

Interberry Alpha, a canine interferon, gains acceptance for treatment of canine and feline gingivitis

A digital twin achieves productivity improvement and reduced human workload

CureApp launches phase 3 of an alcoholism treatment app in Japan


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