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NEDO-supported consortium builds large-scale hybrid storage battery system in Farrel, Lower Saxony

NEDO and Hitachi Kasei, Hitachi Power Solutions and NGK Insulators have completed a large-scale hybrid storage battery system in Farrel city, Lower Saxony, Germany and will start operation from November 1, 2018. The system consists of two types of storage batteries with different characteristics (lithium ion battery and sodium sulfur battery, total capacity 11.5 MW / 22.5 MWh). By making the system capable of high power, large capacity, chargeable and dischargeable, adjustment of the electricity supply-demand balance will be easier to reach and help to the stabilize input of wind energy into the power grid. A business model of new power trading based on this system will also be developed.

NEDO news release, October 31, 2018


NEDO holds „hydrogen ministerial conference”

With the participation of over 300 stakeholders from 21 countries, regions, and institutions the importance of international cooperation on hydrogen was stressed, and a policy toward global utilization of hydrogen was formulated (Tokyo Declaration). Japan will host...

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Kaneka sees further potential for biodegradable polymer PHBH

Kaneka's Aonilex biopolymer, a bacterial copolymer from 2-hydroxybutyrate and 2-hydroxyhexanoate, will be produced at a level of 5000 t/y, but production could be raised shortly to 20,000 t, due to raising demands in Europe. The biopolymer is not only biodegradable,...

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