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High-level S&T meeting between China and Japan on zero CO2 emissions

NEDO defines 5 “moonshot” projects to accelerate natural CO2 adsorption

Pathogenic microorganisms in sewage: several “wastewater surveillance” programs in Japan

Sekisui converts waste to ethanol

Ecologie Co. commercializes chocolate with cricket powder

NEDO starts evaluation of “household type” CO2 absorbers

CureApp launches hypertension treatment app as 6-month instructional program

CellSeed: soon clinical trial of allogenic bone cell sheets for knee osteoarthritis treatment

What’s on with China’s “hydrogen consortium” and Japan’s “hydrogen society”?

Kyoto startup Symbiobe produces spider silk in recombinant marine phototrophic bacteria

Toray ready to scale technology for 100 % bio-based adipic acid

Bioökonomie in China und Japan

2022/08 A microarray measures COVID antibody levels in blood in 8 minutes

Microbiome bacteria frequent in Japanese reduce obesity and diabetes symptoms in diabetic mice

Japan’s NEDO launches 6 industrial demonstrators for bio-manufactured products

Genome-edited tomatoes and fish meet marketing challenges in Japan

TAKEO – a restaurant chain based on edible insects

Japan’s Food Safety Law on genetically modified food

Nagase improves synthesis of ergothioneine 1000fold by synthetic biology

ToMMo completes whole genome analysis of 50,000 Japanese

Technology to prevent chicken-egg allergy with egg white enzyme degradation products

Several Japanese companies enter the digital health market DTx – review

University of Tokyo develops finger-shaped robot covered with cultured skin

Astellas uses AI and robotics for drug discovery research using iPS cells

Japan prepares for introduction of AI into traffic control systems nationwide

Shimadzu and TIT develop world’s smallest luminescent enzyme and provide samples


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