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University of Tokyo team separates polymer mixture by porous metal complexes (MOF)

The group of Takashi UEMURA at the University of Tokyo has used porous metal complexes (MOF) consisting of metal ions connected in regular nano-sized spaces to separate modified and non-modified polyethylene glycol. Using MOF with a pore size of 0.57 nm as the adsorbent, PEG with unmodified terminal group OH was efficiently incorporated into the pores, while PEG modified with trityl groups (size = 0.72 nm) at the terminal was not adsorbed at all. Interestingly, the method worked even with PEG with more than several hundred repeating units, which could be separated at a purity of 99% or more from a mixture of modified and unmodified PEG.

JST news release, September 13, 2018


Team at Tohoku University improves protein design by AI

The group of Mitsuo UMEZU first prepared a small number of variants of green fluorescent protein (GFP) by conventional random mutagenesis and measured their fluorescent properties in ordert o acquire learning data for artificial intelligence. Next, by Bayesian...

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