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RIKEN to use generative AI in search for exhaustive hypotheses that exceed human cognitive abilities

Takara Bio establish technology to manufacture CAR-T cells within 2 days

BioPhenolics Co. aims at mass production of dozens of aromatic chemicals using “smart cells”

Chitose and Kyowa Hakko Bio improve fermentation yields by 10% using AI

CarbGem has developed a 5 min automatic GRAM staining device

Japanese consortium: flavor of cultured meat needs improvement

Astellas pioneers use of double-armed robot Mahoro in cell culture R&D

Japan’s Fermelanta to produce bio-based pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients using E. coli

Japan’s NEDO goes for carbon-neutral ammonia-combusting industrial furnaces

CarbGem introduces AI to determine antibiotic resistance upon bacterial infection

Japan demonstrates battery controller for solar roads

Bifidobacterium bifidum administered to newborns forms bifidobacteria-dominant flora: Morinaga

Chugai’s new research center is full of laboratory automation

Mahoro humanoid robot may improve the handling of cell cultures

JGC and Bacchus Co to cooperate on green chemicals from biofoundries

Hyperion FoodTech establishes bovine ES cells for application to cultured meat

Spraying of yeast esterase accelerates degradation of biodegradable mulch films

Shimadzu test-markets intestinal bacteria co-culture device

Japan’s Fermelanta to produce new plant chemicals in E. coli using synthetic biology

NEDO supports study on LCA of cellulose nanofiber materials CNF

Japanese consortium applies ammonia combustion to architectural glass production

B-MED develops “paste-only artificial pancreas” with microneedles releasing insulin

Qualips targets approval of cardiomyocyte cell sheets derived from heterologous iPS cells

Regional Fish Co. and NTT cooperate on land-based aquaculture and sales of genome-edited fish and shellfish

NEDO starts wide program on quantum-AI hybrid technology

Inexpensive enzymes allow for economic bioethanol production from local biomass

HiBD Co. produces certified biojet fuel from waste cooking oil

GEI opens Biofoundry Manufacturing Plant

NEDO supports ammonia-cofired ship engine development

Singapore Umami Meats develops “cultured fish meat”


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