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A digital twin achieves productivity improvement and reduced human workload

CureApp launches phase 3 of an alcoholism treatment app in Japan

NUProtein supplies growth factors to Singapore Umami Meats for cultured fish meat

Graphite enhances catalytic oxidation of methane: Nagoya University

Keio University: Bacteroides uniformis are abundant in microbiome of Japanese long-distance runners

A 1 µm green microalgae, Medakamo hakoo, holds promise for synthetic biology

FAST thermoelectric materials may offer an environmental friendly option for roadside sensors in autonomous driving: NEDO

IDDK Spacelab develops biotech test formats for space

Japan Renesas Electronics Corporation develops power-efficient AI chip

Kyoto Prefectural University startup to sell “short rice” suitable for plant factories

Japanese team wins first prize in European competition on artificial photosynthesis

Cultured Meat Industry submits proposal for legislation on “cellular foods”

Reconstructed intestinal flora of 787 Japanese shows relationship to diet and disease

Nagase and Hitachi collaborate for commercialization of ergothioneine

Microwave Chemical Co. completes 1 t/d demonstration facility for microwave-based recycling of plastics

NEDO initiates program on blue ammonia production

METI secures 2 billion € fund to promote biomanufacturing (bio monozukuri)

Osaka University team prints edible QR code into cookies

High yields of biologics from an “egg factory”

Cyfuse raises about 13 million € for 3D printed organoids

Stretchable and self-healing polymer gels formed by a facile one-step synthesis

Osaka University will establish “digital twin” for human organ interactions

Hydrogen ministerial meeting held in Tokyo

High-level S&T meeting between China and Japan on zero CO2 emissions

NEDO defines 5 “moonshot” projects to accelerate natural CO2 adsorption

Pathogenic microorganisms in sewage: several “wastewater surveillance” programs in Japan

Sekisui converts waste to ethanol

Ecologie Co. commercializes chocolate with cricket powder

NEDO starts evaluation of “household type” CO2 absorbers

CureApp launches hypertension treatment app as 6-month instructional program


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