Three leading bio/healthcare startups: Spiber, Inovacel and CureApp

A recent article in the magazine Nikkei Biotech looks at the situation of Japanese start-ups in bio and healthcare. The funding environment for startups in Japan is less mature than in Europe and the United States, and the amounts raised per funding round are generally small. Recently, however, some Japanese bio/healthcare startups have raised […]

CCUS: Japan inaugurates ship for liquid CO2 sea transport The CO2 transport test ship “Ekusukuru”, which incorporates a marine cargo tank system for transporting carbon dioxide (CO2) and was developed as part of the “CCUS Research, Development and Verification Project” commissioned by NEDO, was completed, and a naming and delivery ceremony was held. (NGL) and the Engineering National Association of Japan (ENAA), which […]

Shimadzu subsidiary launches screening tests for newborn Shimadzu Corporation announced that its subsidiary Shimadzu Diagnostics will begin selling the TKSneoFinder  detection reagent set, a PCR reagent kit for newborn screening tests.  In conjunction with the sales of the kit, Shimadzu Techno-Research, a subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation, plans to launch a contract newborn screening testing business within FY2023. TKSneoFinder is a PCR […]

Green Earth Institute GEI announces new focus areas During a financial results meeting for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, the company introduced the pipeline it is currently developing and explained the areas it will focus on in the future. The company’s FY09/2023 sales were 897 million yen (+53.4% YoY), with an operating loss of 106 million yen (vs. an operating […]

Japanese student team wins world synthetic biology competition with production of antidepressants by E. coli The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM), an event in which students from around the world compete for research ideas and results in the field of synthetic biology, was held in France from November 2-5, 2023, and a team of Japanese junior and senior high school students won. The team, called “Japan-United,” was headed […]

Euglena biofuel production plant moving towards commercialization Euglena is used to produce biofuels such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), biodiesel fuel, and bionaphtha by adding fats and oils extracted from the microalgae Euglena to used cooking oil. Biofuels are being produced at a biofuel manufacturing demonstration plant in Yokohama City. The plant is scheduled to close by the end of January […]

Takenaka’s CUCO cement features over 80% reduction of CO2 emissions during production As part of NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund project “Development of concrete manufacturing technology using CO2”, Takenaka Corporation, together with Kajima Corporation and Denka Corporation, will develop carbon negative concrete that emits less than zero carbon dioxide (CO2) during the concrete manufacturing process. They have developed a concrete product called CUCO-precast material for construction  that […]

Idemitsu Kosan establishes joint research department at Kobe University for smart cells for making agrochemicals and oils Idemitsu Kosan has established the Idemitsu Joint Research Division for Biotech Manufacturing at Kobe University’s Center for Advanced Biotechnology Research. The joint research division will work on the development of smart cells (genetically modified microorganisms and cells) for the production of biofuels, bio-chemicals, and bio-agrochemicals, with the aim of building a bio-manufacturing value chain. […]

Sakana Dream Co. develops high-value aquaculture fish through reproductive stem cell transplantation Sakana Dream (Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture) is developing and marketing new cultured fish by applying a surrogate fish parent technique that transplants reproductive stem cells between different species. The technology is based on that of Professor Goro Yoshizaki of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, who is known for his “research […]

Japan: bioplastics production increases due to government support Bioplastics, which are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable, have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. With the Japanese government’s promotion of bioplastics, companies are increasing production of existing products and developing new ones. The challenges are to further reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and use, and to improve functionality in […]

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