Shipping and receiving locations for Japan’s liquefied hydrogen supply chain As part of NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund Project “Large-Scale Hydrogen Supply Chain Construction Project,” Japan Hydrogen Energy Corporation, Iwatani Corporation, and ENEOS Corporation are engaged in the “Demonstration of Commercialization of a Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain. Currently, a technical study is being conducted to prepare for the start of construction and demonstration operations. The […]

Suntory pioneers bowel analysis through gut sound by smartphone The Suntory Group has released “Gut Note,” a smartphone application utilizing gut sound analysis technology which records the sound of bowel movements through the iPhone’s microphone and analyzes it using artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the state of the bowel, and combines it with information such as frequency of bowel movements and condition of […]

NEDO explores AI to improve the quality of seedlings for plant factories In conventional plant factories, the judgment of whether a seedling is good or bad depends on the subjective judgment of the operator, and only low-precision sorting is possible. This technology uses two AI models, one that estimates the height, width, and weight of spinach seedlings from their images, and the other that estimates the […]

iPS-derived cartilage shown to repair cartilage defects in monkeys A research team led by Kyoto University’s Kengo Abe  and Professor Noriyuki Tsumaki (Osaka University) showed that iPS cells of cynomolgus monkeys could be differentiated into chondrocytes to prepare cartilage tissue which was successfully transplanted to other individuals. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels and is difficult for immune cells to reach, so it […]

Regional Fish and NTT establish joint venture for aquaculture and breeding of genome-edited seafood Regional Fish, Kyoto and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) announced on February 9, 2023, that they will establish a joint venture to produce and sell improved seafood on a commercial scale. The two companies have been jointly promoting the breeding and onshore cultivation of fish and algae using genome editing. So far, they […]

Interberry Alpha, a canine interferon, gains acceptance for treatment of canine and feline gingivitis The plant-based veterinary drug Interberry Alpha has gained an indication for the treatment of feline gingivitis in addition to the existing indication for canine gingivitis. Information on the expanded indication was made public on February 13, 2023 in the database of the Veterinary Drug Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of […]

A digital twin achieves productivity improvement and reduced human workload In order to address labor shortages in Japan, where the working-age population is declining more rapidly than anywhere else in the world, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a digital twin that can sustainably improve productivity and reduce the burden on people. The digital twin reflects in a […]

CureApp launches phase 3 of an alcoholism treatment app in Japan

CureApp began developing Digital Therapeutics (DTx) to assist in the treatment of alcoholism by non-specialists. By expanding opportunities for alcoholism treatment outside of specialized medical facilities, CureApp aims to improve access to treatment and achieve early intervention. The app is designed to help people get sober. The app is intended for mildly alcoholic patients who […]

NUProtein supplies growth factors to Singapore Umami Meats for cultured fish meat Singapore’s Umami Meats is developing cultured fish meat such as eel, tuna, and snapper using cell culture technology. The development targets mainly high-end fish that cannot be farmed. NUProtein, a Tokyo startup, excels in growth factors for cell-free protein synthesis. Umami Meats has a research system that uses digital models of cultured fish meat with artificial […]

Graphite enhances catalytic oxidation of methane: Nagoya University Graph: Structure of a methane oxidation catalyst with two-story molecules adsorbed on graphite in a stacking configuration and its reaction active species. A team around Yasuyuki Yamada at Nagoya University has dramatically increased the methane oxidation activity of catalytic molecules by utilizing their interaction with graphite, and achieved a catalytic activity for methane oxidation comparable […]

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