Month: April 2018

RIKEN venture Organ Technologies receives SME award for Advanced Skin””

RIKEN’s spin-out Organ Technologies, which received much publicity recently through cooperation with Kyocera for a project on stem-cell derived hair growth, is among the winners of The 30th Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology / New Product Award” offered by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, an industrial newspaper. The price was received for the company’s product […]

Yakult joins ToMMo for studies on relationship of intestinal flora to morbidity

Yakult, a major probiotic manufacturer, has joined the Tohoku Medical and Mechanical Banking Organization (ToMMo) for participation in a 3 year cohort survey including approximately 2,500 adult participants in the detailed survey. Based on feces samples of the participants, . the study will analyze the intestinal bacterial flora in relation to physiological functions, disease, morbidity […]

AMED publishs report on medical device development in Japan

AMED’s Review Committee on Medical Device Development has published a report on medical device development in Japan on March 22, 2018. It contains information on the impact of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), IoT (Internet of goods) and robot related technologies on medical devices, but also advances of standard technologies useful for medical […]

Japanese-German team visualizes terminal electron tansfer reaction in photosynthesis

The groups of Genji KURISU at Osaka University’s Protein Research Institute, in collaboration with Matthias RÖGNER of Bochum University, have used high-resolution x-ray images of photosystem I obtained at Osaka University’s beamline at the RIKEN’s synchrotron radiation facility SPring-8 to visualize how electrons obtained from water are transferred to photosystem I protein through the thylakoid […]

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