Environmental solutions

Shipping and receiving locations for Japan’s liquefied hydrogen supply chain

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101612.html As part of NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund Project “Large-Scale Hydrogen Supply Chain Construction Project,” Japan Hydrogen Energy Corporation, Iwatani Corporation, and ENEOS Corporation are engaged in the “Demonstration of Commercialization of a Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain. Currently, a technical study is being conducted to prepare for the start of construction and demonstration operations. The […]

FAST thermoelectric materials may offer an environmental friendly option for roadside sensors in autonomous driving: NEDO

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101604.html Meti’s project house Nedo is sponsoring a collaborative project to improve the performance and reduce the cost of thermoelectric modules made of iron (Fe), aluminum (AI) and silicon (Si) (FAST materials) that do not use rare and toxic metals. The consortium has now unveiled a 2 cm2 ceramic thermoelectric module that harvests enough power […]

Kyoto Prefectural University startup to sell “short rice” suitable for plant factories

Kyoto Prefectural University has begun offering a strain of “short rice” that is easy to use for plant-based material production and other applications. It is suitable for cultivation in plant factories because it can significantly reduce the cultivation space. A university start-up Miraishoku Research and Development Center will be established, where it will be marketed […]

Microwave Chemical Co. completes 1 t/d demonstration facility for microwave-based recycling of plastics

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101587.html Under a contract from NEDO, Microwave Chemical Co. has completed Japan’s first general-purpose microwave demonstration facility for the recovery of monomers from polymers with a processing capacity of 1 ton per day. In 2021, the company had completed a small-scale demonstration facility with a processing capacity of about 5 kg per hour. The process will be further scaled […]

NEDO initiates program on blue ammonia production

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101590.html According to Japan’s “Sixth Basic Energy Plan” of October 2021 hydrogen and ammonia power generation is expected to account for about 1% of Japan’s power mix in FY2030. Following this target, NEDO and INPEX Corp. will construct a “blue ammonia” facility at the INPEX Higashi-Kashiwazaki gas field in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture. A demonstration […]

METI secures 2 billion € fund to promote biomanufacturing (bio monozukuri)

https://bio.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/news/p1/22/11/08/10133/ METI will allocate 300 billion yen (2 billion €) to a new fund that will support companies that develop manufacturing technologies using bioprocesses based on waste and other raw materials. Specifically, it is envisioned that microorganisms will be used to produce fiber, ethanol, resins, and other products from waste clothing, municipal solid waste, food […]

NEDO defines 5 “moonshot” projects to accelerate natural CO2 adsorption

NEDO has adopted five projects to identify new technologies to achieve the Moonshot Goal 4 “Achieve sustainable resource recycling for global environmental regeneration by 2050”. The five adopted projects will determine the potential of technology to efficiently capture and absorb CO2 by artificially accelerating the natural carbon dioxide absorption capacity (artificial acceleration of natural processes). […]

Sekisui converts waste to ethanol

https://bio.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/news/p1/22/09/21/09955/ Sekisui Chemical plans to commercialize a technology that uses microorganisms to convert combustible garbage into ethanol by 2025. In April 2022, a 1/10th demonstration plant in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, began operating, marking the start of the final stage of verification testing toward practical application. About 800 l ethanol are produced from 20 t of […]

NEDO starts evaluation of “household type” CO2 absorbers

https://www.nedo.go.jp/news/press/AA5_101572.html In collaboration with the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NEDO has jointly engaged in a “moonshot-type R&D project for directly capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere on the scale of several kilograms per day. It is planned to design a pilot-scale direct air capture (DAC) test apparatus and evaluate […]

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