Japan’s NEDO initiates program on fuel ammonia supply chain

As ammonia, like hydrogen, does not emit CO2 when burned, it is expected to be used as a decarbonized fuel for power generation and ships to achieve carbon neutrality. In particular, ammonia is expected to replace conventional fossil fuels in power generation, thereby promoting the decarbonization of thermal power generation. Ammonia can also be used as a hydrogen carrier because it contains hydrogen, which can be produced and transported at low cost using existing infrastructure.

In this project, NEDO will establish technology to reduce the supply cost of ammonia, aiming to the upper 10 yen level/Nm3 (hydrogen equivalent in calorific value) by 2030. The project also aims to establish technologies for co-firing of ammonia for power generation and for exclusive use of ammonia for power generation, and to achieve an expected domestic installation volume of 30 million tons per year in 2050.

R&D topics are (1) Development and demonstration of a new catalyst for ammonia production, and (2) Green ammonia electrosynthesis with water and nitrogen as raw materials.

Main contractors are Chiyoda, TEPCO and JERO Corporation, with support from various universities and startup-companies.

The project period is from FY2021 – FY2030, and the planned budget is 59.8 billion Jp¥ (460 million €).

NEDO news release, January 7, 2022

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Japan’s NEDO initiates program on fuel ammonia supply chain
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