The center (tentative name) will be an organization under the national government. In a whole genome analysis execution plan for cancer and intractable diseases, patient samples will be provided by cooperating medical institutions, and the samples and clinical information will be shared with the organizations that carry out whole genome analysis. The executing organization performs genome sequencing of the sample by outsourcing to a sequencing company, analyzes it at the data center based on the obtained sequence data and clinical information obtained from cooperating medical institutions, and creates an analysis report. The analysis report is fed back to patients through cooperating medical institutions and used for medical treatment.

The samples provided by patients will provide data at an unprecedented scale such as whole genome information and disease-focused clinical information. It is thought that the prediction of the effects and side effects of specific drugs and the prediction of prognosis including the probability of recurrence should be centrally orgainzed.

Nikkei Biotech news release, September 14, 2021