Within its biotech-related 74 billion Yen (about 570 million €) budget for FY2022, the ministry aims to strengthen production capacity and improve sustainability of the domestic agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries. Topics include:

  • low-temperature storage systems for tea leaves and late-season tea varieties
  • technologies for early egg collection, artificial seedling cultivation and aquaculture of eel and bluefin tuna,
  • technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production. Development of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production, including breeding methods to produce low-methane cattle
  • powerful red tide response technology for fish and shellfish farming including red tide-resistant cultured fish
  • technology to cope with damage caused by invasive alien species, including technology using environmental DNA,
  • technology for carbon sink measures in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, e. g., technology for production and utilization of wood lignin-derived plastics
  • green biotechnology industry using silkworm technology 
  • projects to realize food and dietary habits to extend healthy life expectancy
  • crop varieties using genome editing technology

Nikkei Biotech news release, September 7, 2021