NEDO adopts 7 new themes for regional biomass energy use

In a demonstration project, Tottori Prefecture aims to build a biomass energy utilization energy which does not rely any longer on feed-in tariffs and subsidies. In this project, biomass steam boilers will be installed that use building waste chips as fuel, and waste fungal beds for mushroom cultivation.

In addition, the program includes six Business Evaluation projects:

1. Business feasibility evaluation of an energy supply system in an urban area based on ​​liquefied biomethane derived from livestock manure: Hokkaido Air Water Co.

2. Evaluation of feasibility of local biomass bring-in systems and a smart biomass network: Kitahiroshima-cho, Hiroshima University

3. Evaluation of the feasibility of biomass fuel supply utilizing local production resources such as spent fungus: Chubu Electric Power Co., Sea Energy Co.

4. Feasibility evaluation of increasing yield of methane fermentation utilizing high temperature solubilization treatment and lactic acid fermentation technology, for the spread of on-site small methane fermentation system: Vios Inc., Kyoto University Wakayama

5. Business feasibility of local biomass energy recycling by recycling of glycerin-containing waste liquid: Biofuels Giken Kogyo Co., Yamaguchi University 

6. Evaluation of business feasibility of a dry-type methane fermentation batch system using sugar factory sludge and beef cattle manure as main raw materials: North Soil Development Co.

The overall budget for FY2019 is 1.25 billion yen

NEDO news release, October 29, 2019

NEDO adopts 7 new themes for regional biomass energy use
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